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Form and Roundness measurement

A comprehensive range of form and roundness measuring systems are offered by Metrology Direct. All these systems are manufactured by Hommel-Etamic in Schwenningen, Germany. The range includes the following products:-
F1000 Roundness System – An entry level, bench mounted system, but with many features normally found on more complex units. The F1000 has a high accuracy rotary axis, incorporating an air bearing to minimise any mechanical errors in the hardware. The system comes complete with a PC and TurboForm measurement software. Programming is simplified using built in wizards and alignment routines are semi-automated.

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F1003/F1004 – A range of bench mounted roundness and form measurement systems that have motorised horizontal and vertical axes, making them suitable for CNC control. These systems can measure a wide range of characteristics including roundness, straightness and cylindricity.
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F4004 Form Tester – A fully automated CNC controlled form testing system. The system incorporates a large capacity rotary axis with built in air bearing, together with motorised horizontal and vertical axes. The F4004 is capable of measuring all common form and roundness characteristics including cylindrical shape, straightness and conicity. With its optional swivel probe head, the most complex work pieces can be measured with ease.
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Roundscan Form Tester – a high end CNC form measuring solution with the option of surface roughness measurement in both axial and radial directions. The Roundscan system is designed to minimise cycle times with high speed axes and rapid alignment capability. The system uses TurboForm software with its ease of programming and complex analysis functionality. As with all Hommel-Etamic form testing systems, the Roundscan incorporate an air-bearing within its rotary axis and for very high accuracy applications, software compensation can be incorporated in this axis.

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FMS Form Tester – a large capacity spindle type form measuring system suitable for both round and prismatic workpieces. The FMS system has multiple axes enabling large and complex items to be measured with relative easy. TurboForm software makes programming and measuring very easy with many time saving functions.

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